Promotional Video: ASIBO (2012/06)

ASIBO is an expression device that shifts its behavior in accordance with the switching frequency and timing of the solenoid. ASIBO looks like a pile driver and behaves like one. However it changes this behavior when the user/system switches its solenoid rapidly. ASIBO is designed as an actuator of a toy, robot, marionette and drum machine.




ASIBO itself consists of a 12VDC tubular pull solenoid, a coil spring (approximately 10 mm in length), a toy car's truck tire, and some acrylic booms (2mm thickness). The solenoid of ASIBO can be switched manually or by a computer.


Double ASIBO & Vibrant ASIBO




Double ASIBO is a tap dancing marionette with which two sets of ASIBOs’ are connected at their upper point. This tap dancer shakes its body from side to side by the alternate switching of each solenoid, and stamps the ground. Moreover, this tap dancer can open its legs according to the resultant force gained by the simultaneous switching of the solenoids. Its legs spread faster depending on the raising of the switching frequency. When the user/system switches the solenoid at a certain high speed and alternately, the tap dancer shifts to close its legs.

By changing the composition of the acrylic booms to shake its tip, ASIBO can move forward by the inertial force of the shaking. For example, ASIBO walks lightly when the switching frequency by the computer is 240 BPM (On: 50ms OFF: 200ms). And ASIBO walks faster with the increasing pace of the frequency. When the frequency reaches approximately 800 BPM (ON: 50ms OFF: 25ms), ASIBO begins to glide over the floor due to the heavy vibration. ASIBO shifts to go astern at a stable speed when the frequency is raised to approximately 1760 BPM (ON: 16ms OFF: 18ms).



ASIBO Workshop at SIGGRAPH Asia 2012

2013/01/13-20: Japan Media Arts Festival in Yamanshi, Kofu, Japan.
2012/11/29-12/01: ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 Emerging Technologies, Singapore.


This research is supported by the Singapore National Research Foundation under its International Research Center Keio-NUS CUTE Center @ Singapore Funding Initiative and administered by the IDM Program Office.