Promotional Video: Notori (2013/06)

Notori is a play kit that can revive a worn-out Smartphone. Since Smartphone often upgrade their phones, the number of phones which are serviceable but not used is also increasing. By combining traditional wooden toys with simple apps, Notori revitalizes out-of-date Smartphones and provides an attractive experience for children.


ノトリとは、木の玩具とスマートフォンを組み合わせた遊びを指しています。MobMuPlat でアプリを作り、端材をつかって玩具を作る。2つをマジックテープでくっつければ、即席遊具・ノトリのできあがり。現在までに6種類の遊びが考案されています。


We selected wooden toys for combining with a Smartphone, and prototyped the following six kinds of play. We used the iPhone 5 and MobMuPlat for developing Notori apps, and we adopted simple expressions so that our apps might operate also with a worn-out Smartphone. Velcro was used for sticking the iPhone to several wooden toys.




Notori with iPhone 3GS (2013/11)

2013/11/19-22: ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2013 E-tech and MGIA, Hong Kong.
2010/10/06: Sunday Showcase, ArtScience Museum, Singapore.



Patches (You may also need to download MobMuPlat)
Wooden toy's pattern

Special Thanks: Masaaki Sato.

This research is supported by the Singapore National Research Foundation under its International Research Center Keio-NUS CUTE Center @ Singapore Funding Initiative and administered by the IDM Program Office.