Experimental Projects #1


KODOU (2008)

Heart Beat Rythm Machine

DSC_0928 by uriuriu.

It's a kind of stethoscope which detects sounds of internal organs and amplifies them into the place.

This image was originally taken by Daiuske Uriu.

This work was created by Little Friends (Yuichiro Katsumoto, Shuichi Ishibashi, Daisuke Uriu, Naruhiko Shiratori, Masato Takahashi, Motonori Nakamura, and Sho Hashimoto).



HIKARI no SYO (2007)

Book-Like Light

光の書 ON

Taking it from the bookshelf turns on the light.


This work was created with Hiroki Aramaki.



ET (2007)

This world is made as Toys.

Concept Video: ET (2007/01)

ET (Everything is Toy) is a wearable computing system to change our daily life into play. Recently, RFID tags have been applied to various commodity objects. When the user touches an object, ET reads its RFID tag. And, ET makes a sound according to the user's actions.

This prototype was created with Yu Uchida.



Nozoki-Hana (2005)

The time machine that remains user's memories through scents and sounds.

Playing Nozoki-Hana

This work was created by Project SENSE (Yuichiro Katsumoto, Erika Kanai, Nadya Kirillova, Kaori Higashi, Hokuto Miura, Takashi Matsumoto, and Reiko Sasaki).