"SENSE" is a project which researches about use of scents as media. This project started on April 2004, and produced "InScene" on February 2006.




InScene is a fantastic communication device which uses incenses. The sender can implant a message in incense (ICKO) with a mobile phone. When the receiver lights the incense and places it on the table (KORO), he is able to enjoy the aroma filled in the room, the lighted smoke, and the shooting stars projected on the ceiling.





And by holding or waving a hand over the smoke, the sender's message can be viewed. After the incense dies out, the receiver can soak in the remaining aroma. InScene does not only support the tele- communication, but it supports communication taken place in the space provided by InScene.




System of InScene


InScene is consisted of an incense (ICKO) and a table (KORO).


The shape of KORO is imaged as the moon. Depending on the angle of the receiver's view, KORO changes its shape from a full moon to a half moon. And the shape of ICKO is imaged as Apollo rocket. Just as Apollo reached the moon, we hope that each message reaches the receiver.



2006/09/12: Media-Design Tour's '06, Daikanyama, Tokyo.
2006/06/14-16: ACE 2006 Demo, Hollywood, USA.
2006/04/26-30: Laval Virtual Award 2006, Laval, France.
2006/03/18: the 5th Smart IT Design Contest, Ginza, Tokyo.
2006/02/15: imgl Collection 2006, Daikanyama, Tokyo.


This prototype was created by Project SENSE (Yuichiro Katsumoto, Erika Kanai, Nadya Kirillova, Kaori Higashi, Hokuto Miura, Takashi Matsumoto, and Reiko Sasaki).