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“We forge the chains we wear in life” is an aphorism by Charles Dickens. This chain is a metaphor for heavy and unbreakable things that bind our ideas and emotions. That is, words that tend to possess our minds and souls can also become chains. This inspired me to create a device that forms letters with chains. The device named "Renment" automatically writes the above aphorism. When the device finishes writing, the words are deconstructed, the letters return to the chains, and blanks remain. Then, the automatic writing begins again.

Hinemosu 30

By twisting five white elastic bands with thirty actuators, Hinemosu 30 represents the passage of time.

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A study of physical kinetic typography that explores the multidimensionality of letters.

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Self-inverting kinetic arts that depict our boundaries and sudden change of attitudes.

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Media Prayer

Buddha statues for praying dead media.

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Chou Sei Chu / 調整中

An archive of Japan's most famous media artist "Chou Sei Chu".

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Past Works

Toys, Interfaces, Robots, and Others