Ninja Track

Ninja Track is a belt shaped object which possesses the capacity to alter its flexibility and hence strength. Using this structure, we also had created two applications. One is a physical game interface which can transform a whip into a sword virtually and physically. Another is a musical instrument which can make sounds depending on its shape and interaction.

Special Thanks Hideaki Nii, Shintaro Kitazawa, Dhairya Dand, Masaaki Sato, and Satoru Tokuhisa

Publication SIGGRAPH Asia 2011 & TEI 2013

Award Japan Media Arts Festival 2011, James Dyson Award 2012

Spinout Projects


WIZ is the one of spinout projects in collaboration with a hardware startup company Minds N Hands, Singapore.

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ReelBlade is another spinout project in collaboration with SUTD (Singapore University of Technology and Design) Game Lab.

Credit NUS Hardware Development Team: Yuichiro Katsumoto, Kensaku Kawauchi, Daniel Chua, Loh Zhide, Gabriel Chua, Ellen Yi Luen Do, Ng Teck Khim, Koh Chun Keat / SUTD Game Development Team: Teo Chor Guan, Sandra Chan, Leong Wei Kiat, Andrew Teo, Shawn Toh, Weng Junxuan

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